• Repair Cream S.P.F 50

  • Body Cosmetics for a body that is a 10

  • Get your skin ready for a very special day

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    Algae Peel-Off facial mask

    Algae Peel-Off Facial mask
  • The definitive manual to fight the so hated cellulite

    Summer is coming and with it, the panic to the annoying cellulite! But relax, we help you understand why it appears and how to fight it, take note:

  • Beauty rituals for a very special day

    Casmara has designed 2 great beauty rituals so the day of your wedding your skin shows off as you deserve… PERFECT!


The cosmetics professionals, take advantage of the experience, prestige and reputation that only a consolidated company can offer.

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CASMARA is synonymous with development and innovation; always pioneering and in the vanguard. Strong support for our distributors

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At CASMARA we are constantly searching for talent that can make a difference. We opt for ability and endeavor

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