1974 saw the birth of the CASMARA dermocosmetic laboratory

in Spain, Europe with a clear objective: offer the dermatological care that your skin needs with innovative and effective cosmetics using avant-garde active ingredients with the most advanced technology

using the company's own formulas to create prestige cosmetics for use by professionals and at home for any need the skin may have.

Our goal as a highly specialized firm is to continue our leadership in the dermocosmetic market whilst at the same time being true to our values: state-of-the-art aesthetics with a strong commitment to INNOVATION and development ensuring the QUALITY of all our cosmetic formulas in addition to maintaining a firm stance with our environmental policies.

Casmara is the result of a passion for research and development inspired by the traditions and experience of nearly four decades in the beauty industry.

In Casmara, we transform ideas into personalized beauty treatment realities, responding to our customers' most specific needs.

Innovacion casmara