Autumn is definitely here. We have left behind those pleasant days under the sun, pool parties, beaches…We have no choice but to say goodbye summer, see you next year! At least, on this side of the planet…

That is to say, dear friends, the Sun gives us energy and makes us feel good. But when we let our skin subject to long shifts under the king star, it has damaging effects. Indeed, it dehydrates your skin allowing the appearance of spots, imperfections and uneven skin tone.

Anyway, don’t worry! There’s a solution. The first step to get rid of the damages that summer caused and to prepare your skin for autumn is a peel, that is, the exfoliation. Let’s go into detail: How does a peel work? It is really easy. A peel consists of a deep cleansing of the skin. It eliminates accumulated toxins and spots, softens imperfections such as wrinkles, post-acne scars and spots. Moreover, it helps cells to regenerate. Therefore, we get a renovated skin.

However, how can we choose the right peel? There are two types of peelings in the market.



The exfoliating cream is made of micro-grains that scrub and remove the outer layers of the skin but usually cause irritation because of rubbing.

The exfoliants that work without any kind of rub. They act by touch. The actives act over the accumulated toxins and keratin and they will be easily removed with water.

In Casmara we lean towards the last generation of peelings, because they are more effective and respectful with your skin.

It is the case of the exfoliating cream CASMARA’s NATURAL PEELING TRI-ACTIVE, a natural peeling which contains a combination of lactic acid, glycolic acid and salicylic acid. These are naturally occurring acids that come from milk, sugar cane and willow respectively. No worries then. Sometimes when we read the word acid we become frightened but nothing further than that. Just think of oranges that are full of citric acid essential for our organism.

Casmara’s Natural Peeling has got the appropriate concentration of acids to get a unique effect. You will notice results from the first application.

We suggest the “6 NIGHTS PLAN”:

Apply Natural Peeling for 6 every other nights. It is simple, once your face is cleansed, apply it over the face and neck (avoid the ocular area) and leave it on for 10 minutes. Rinse it thoroughly with water and then apply your daily moisturiser. After a peeling the skin is absolutely clean, it unclogs your pores and everything you apply after this will penetrate the skin to a deepest level.

After your “6 NIGHTS PLAN” you will notice that your skin regenerates and it is softer and smoother. The small wrinkles and spots fade and imperfections start to disappear. From now on, you will only have to do this treatment once a week to look a flawless and bright skin free from imperfections.

As soon as you try NATURAL PEELING, it will become a must in your daily facial routine!