10 ml/ 0.34 fl.oz.

Action against isolated spots.

A gel solution with antiseptic properties. Contains an adequate concentration of active ingredients to regulate oily secretions and clear up spots. The skin’s immediate defense mechanisms and neutralizes endotoxins (substances produced by acne bacteria).

Protect against hyperkeratinisation and blocked hair follicles. It also fights against hormonal stimulation that can alter the balance of the skin’s sebum production. 

Who is this for?

All skin type.

Unisex formula, for all skin type prone to the appearance of isolated spots and for male skin prone to folliculitis after shaving.


Prevents spots, prevents blemishes.
Antiseptic sebum-regulator with a localized action.


Skin free from acné.

Active ingredients

SHIELD BACT PEPTIDE®: neutralizes substances produced by acne bacteria.
ACELOGLICINA®: Selectively regulates oily secretions. Prevents hyperkeratinisation and blocked hair follicles.