blister 5 uds.x 4ml-0.14 fl.oz./ud.

Anti-age face ampoule.

Flash effect face ampoule. The Elastin ampoule provides the necessary essential amino acids to obtain elasticity and firmness of the skin. It is indispensable for the elastic and structural fibers in order to recuperate their ideal condition.

Who is this for?

Aged and flaccid skin.

Unisex formula. 


Anti-wrinkle. Essential for elastic and consistency fibers to recover their ideal condition.


Vitamin compliment with firming, healing and antioxidant effects.

Active ingredients

MALLOW EXTRACT: Supplies vitamin A (regulates the normal skin development), C (preserves the tissues’ elasticity) and E (improves the firmness of connective skin tissue).
ELASTIN AMINO ACIDS: Substances found in the fibers responsible for skin elasticity.