blister 5 uds.x 4ml-0.14 fl.oz./ud.

Cellular restoration face ampoule

Flash effect face ampoule intended as a shock treatment, this cosmetic form is noted for its deep skin repairing action. It is composed of vegetable extracts of wheat, algae and peptidic lupin seed.

Who is this for?

All skin types.

Unisex formula. Suitable for all skin types that require an in-depth restorative action.


Stimulates cellular regeneration.


Delay of the skin ageing, retaining cellular vitality and energy. Intensive skin repair.

Active ingredients

WHEAT EXTRACT: Stimulates the natural process of skin tissue reconstruction.
LUPIN PEPTIDS : Skin protector. Repairs the extra-cellular matrix.
ALGAE EXTRACT : Rich in amino acids. It enhances the skin’s protein network.