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VERY DRY SKIN. Rejuvenating.

PROFESSIONAL PERSONALIZED ENERGIZING TREATMENT IN SINGLE-DOSE PHASES COMBINED WITH THE BENEFITS OF THE ALGAE PEEL-OFF VITAMIN VEGETABLE MASK 2030. A high technology facial mask with vitamin C and dill. It stimulates collagen synthesis and provides greater elasticity for the skin.

This high quality cellular anti-ageing cosmetics.

It reactivates the skin thanks to the energizing stimulus on a cellular level.

Nourishing and anti-ageing action.

Who is this for?

Dry skin.

Unisex formula for mature and demanding skin types.


Coenzyme Q10 + Creatine: Doubles cellular energy.
Hyaluronic acid: 24-hour optimal moisturizing.
Bioavailable Vitamin C: Powerful antioxidant and natural protector.
Extraordinary nutritious, natural oils.

Active ingredients

COENZYME Q-10: A natural ingredient that transforms nutrients into energy for cells. It activates cell metabolism by stimulating the dermis and epidermis.

CREATINE: An intelligent cellular energizer which maintains an optimum level of cellular activity.

MARINE COLLAGEN: Marine moisturizer. It improves elasticity and reduces wrinkles.

HYALURONIC ACID: It moisturizes and redensifies the skin filling wrinkles from within.

ORGANIC SILICON: With facial firming properties thanks to the regenerative capacity of elastin and collagen synthesis.

VITAMIN C: A natural antioxidant and regenerating agent. It decreases oxidative stress and stimulates collagen production.

AVOCADO OIL: An ultra nutritious active ingredient thanks to its composition rich in vitamins and lipids.

SQUALENE: An active ingredient from plants with nourishing and protective properties. It restores skin moisturization balance.

Phases of application

PHASE 1. Keratolytic Gel with X-PRESSIN®. It eliminates the surface layer of keratin favouring the penetration of the active ingredients of subsequent phases and giving the face luminosity.
PHASE 2. Serum stimulates collagen production due to its high content of vitamin C and amino acids. Resulting in a more elastic and turgid skin.
PHASE 3. An energizing and anti-ageing serum with coenzyme Q-10, creatine, marine collagen and hyaluronic acid.
PHASE 4. A nourishing and energizing phase with an enriched texture formulated with coenzyme Q-10, creatine, organic silicon, vitamin C, avocado oil and squalene.
PHASE 5. VITAMIN VEGETABLE 2030. Facial mask with Peel-Off technology. Formulated with vitamin C, dill and seaweed extract for a stimulating and anti-wrinkle effect. Bringing luminosity to and redensifying the skin. It reaffirms, soothes and tones the skin with an intense cooling effect.
PHASE 6. A nutritious fluid emulsion based on coenzyme Q-10 and creatine.